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There are five days before the opening, RZX Technology will meet you at the Shanghai International Water Show!
Time:2020-08-25 17:24:09

Today is the Qixi Festival in 2020, and the 13th Shanghai International Water Treatment Exhibition will start exhibition in 5 days later! Currently, RZX exhibits are participating in [Tanabata special purchase] and [Students return to school season exhibition discounts and promotions]. The event will continue until the opening of the Shanghai International Water Exhibition (August 31st to September 2nd). During the promotion period, all exhibits support telephone and online booking, and bulk orders can enjoy discounted prices at the exhibition.
The opening hours of the Shanghai International Water Show coincide with the return time of domestic schools. In order to repay the concern of new and old customers, during the exhibition and the opening season, new and old customers who failed to book smart card and RFID tag promotional products on the Qixi Festival can go to the Shanghai Pavilion to visit and purchase during the promotion period or participate in online booking. The activity is still in progress, please don't miss it!
The promotion details are as follows:
Promotion period: Bulk booking of new products at the exhibition (new products include: large-scale tester, embedded flicker tester, RFID embedded anti-counterfeiting authentication module, RFID antenna positioning tag, RFID smart cabinet, RFID flash memory card, RFID passive flexible flashing Labels, FPC micro-labels, etc.), you can obtain the manufacturer’s VIP customer qualifications and enjoy a number of privileges, such as free personalized customization and lightning delivery. Some new products participate in special promotions. For more information, please call.
Special exhibits, such as: CPU campus card, CPU portrait card, CPU water card, IC portrait card, smart IC water meter user card, smart water meter user card, campus hot water card, RFID security tag, RFID book tag, RFID flashing light card, For FPC mini tags, if you order more than 10,000 pieces, you can enjoy a surprise gift while enjoying a substantial price discount.
During the exhibition, new and old customers visiting the booth (RZX booth number: 1.2H312) will receive small gifts on a first-come, first-served basis, while supplies last. There are many surprises in the on-site booking, which should not be missed. For more detailed information about the exhibition discount, please directly consult the relevant business personnel for consultation.
For more RZX technology exhibits, please pay attention to follow-up related introductions. Exhibits are subject to actual display. Special exhibits can be ordered online directly on our Alibaba website. You are welcome to visit the Shanghai Pavilion at that time. Register in advance to get free admission tickets. In the new product promotion, if you book now, you can enjoy the exhibition price. There are many surprises, don't miss it!