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【RZX Technology】The 13th Shanghai International Water Treatment Exhibition opens today
Time:2020-08-31 14:44:01

The 13th Shanghai International Water Treatment Exhibition opens today! After two days of intense exhibition arrangement, RZX exhibits were unveiled at the Shanghai Pavilion today. The main products displayed in the main venue of the Shanghai International Water Show are water purification equipment and water sanitary products. RZX as a supporting manufacturer of water purification equipment smart water cards and anti-counterfeiting labels also participated in the exhibition.


The cutting-edge technologies and products demonstrated at the Shanghai International Water Show in 2020 include: water purification equipment, drinking water equipment, accessories, Internet of Things, smart home, water sanitary ware products, food purifiers, food waste disposers and other major equipment and related supporting components , Which greatly enriched the scope of original exhibits. In addition, the Shanghai International Water Show will also in-depth unite with a number of domestic and foreign associations and industry media to launch a number of special forums and activities on water appliances, so as to provide visitors with more business development possibilities.

smart CPU water card

At this exhibition, RZX's smart water card, shielding card, rfid anti-counterfeiting authentication module and other new products are on display, attracting visitors to stop and watch. The conventional IC water card and CPU chip water card of RZX have attracted much attention during the warm-up activities of the exhibition. The new smart CPU water card exhibited by RZX this time is novel in style and diversified in technology. Each card not only looks It seems that the high-end atmosphere is high-end, and the practicability is also very strong. It can be used in water meters, electric meters, campus hot water, bathing and other scenes, large-capacity storage, CPU chip has stronger anti-recovery and anti-theft brushing, not only showing There is a row of noodles, and it is very safe to use.

smart CPU water card

The three-day ( 31stAugust - 2nd September ) Shanghai International Water Show is on display. New and old customers around Shanghai can visit the RZX booth when they have time (RZX Booth No.: 1.2 H312). For the new and old customers who can't come to the site, the exhibits of this exhibition support online and telephone reservations. Please contact the relevant business personnel to ask if there are any exhibits you need! There are a lot of discounts during the exhibition, please contact us! For more exhibition-related introductions, please pay attention to the website and official account of RZX Technology Company (RZX Smart Card)

 Shanghai International Water Show

Details of the exhibition are as follows:

Name: The 13th Shanghai International Water Treatment Exhibition

Location: Shanghai|National Exhibition and Convention Center (Hongqiao)

Address: 168 Yinggang East Road, Shanghai

Date: August 31-September 2, 2020

RZX Booth No.: 1.2H312