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RZX won the "FSC International Forest Environmental Protection System Certification" certificate
Time:2020-09-17 13:39:14

RZX obtained the "FSC International Forest Environmental Protection System Certification" certificate (certificate number: TSUD-COC-001585) at the beginning of September. The "FSC International Forest Environmental Protection System Certification" is currently the most recognized by the market worldwide and is received by non-governmental organizations. The global forest certification system supported by environmental protection organizations and trade organizations.

As a smart card and RFID label production enterprise, RZX Technology is committed to the corporate mission of "making the world smarter and making life more convenient", integrating technological innovation into smart card and RFID products, and focusing on "Internet of Things, Innovation" Philosophy, adhere to the development direction of "green, environmental protection, energy saving, and intelligent", to provide customers with green and environmentally friendly RFID tags and smart card solutions.

At present, RZX Technology's environmental protection product series include:

1. Environmental protection electronic tags, RFID clothing tags, RFID paper tickets, paper cards, etc. that comply with FSC certification standards (certificate number: TSUD-COC-001585).

2. Smart cards made of biodegradable PETG support incineration and degradation, and are non-toxic and harmless to the environment.

3. The biodegradable PVC smart card is used, and biodegradable materials are added to the material, which can be degraded by landfill.

4. Smart cards produced from recycled plastics (leftovers, waste plastics, plastic bottles, etc.)

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the global industrial development is extremely rapid. If industrial production is not well managed, it will have an impact on the environment, including the destruction of the ecological environment, the destruction of mineral resources and environmental pollution. The environmental awareness of international consumers is getting stronger and stronger, and the attitude of consumers in import and export markets has become the biggest obstacle for non-FSC certified products to enter the international market. Import and export trade has driven the rapid growth of my country's wood products exports. Some developed countries have begun to take restrictive measures to boycott Chinese wood products. In addition to anti-dumping investigations, FSC forest certification is very likely to be used to build new "green barriers."

At present, RZX Technology, as a veteran enterprise with more than ten years of production experience, all smart card and rfid label products are in compliance with RoHS, REACH and other testing standards. The acquisition of the "FSC International Forest Environmental Protection System Certification" certificate means that RZX Technology has obtained the "green label" in the international market. It is also expected that with the blessing of this certificate, RZX Technology's environmental protection product series will be able to compete in the international market. The market is widely recognized.