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Departmental style|RZX Technology Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Dinner Event
Time:2020-09-26 15:29:28

On the evening of September 22, 2020, RZX Technology held a Mid-Autumn National Day and National Day department dinner at the Vienna Hotel Guanlan. Part of the scene was shared with everyone. I wish all friends a happy holiday in advance! have good mood everyday!

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Shenzhen RZX Technology Co., Ltd. is a dual-high enterprise (Shenzhen high-tech enterprise, national high-tech enterprise) engaged in the research and development and production of IC smart cards and RFID electronic tags. The company is committed to the production and sales of various types of IC cards and CPU cards, ID cards, access control cards, campus cards, magnetic stripe cards, shopping cards, barcode cards, RFID electronic tags and other smart cards and UHF RFID antennas, RFID electronic tags, RFID washing tags, FPC micro tags, book tags, animal tags And smart reading and writing equipment, etc. With the corporate mission of "making the world smarter and making life more convenient", Rongzhixing Technology integrates technological innovation into smart cards and RFID products, and provides customers with overall RFID label solutions with the concept of "Internet of Things, Innovation".
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This departmental dinner has enhanced the understanding between the departments and strengthened the cohesion of the team. It is also hoped that through departmental interaction, efficiency can be greatly improved and better performance can be created before the holiday.
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In addition,RZX Technology National Day Mid-Autumn Festival promotion activities are warmed up in advance: Event time: October 1-8, participating in the promotion platform: RZX Technology Ali Domestic Trade and Foreign Trade Station, both small and large batch orders during the event You can enjoy different levels of price concessions, and you can place orders directly online during the event time; you can also contact relevant business personnel from today to book offline or online in advance. The promotional products participating in this event include: T5577 low-frequency IC card, FM1208 CPU chip card, S50 chip card, FM1280 national secret CPU chip card, CPU portrait card, M1 access control card, NFC glue label, RFID key fob, RFID super RFID tags, RFID washing tags, etc., if you order more than 10,000, you can enjoy surprise discounts! During the double festival, there are many discounts, just waiting for you! For more RZX news and related introductions, welcome to follow the smart card and rfid tag manufacturer RZX Technology news and public account push.