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RZX Technology rfid Tagformance Lite system tester officially put into use
Time:2020-09-27 18:17:38

In order to let rfid tags bring customers a better user experience, avoid major losses in real-life RFID applications, and facilitate the prediction of tag behavior under different conditions, understand tag performance, predict materials, tag orientation, tag filling, reader settings In order to facilitate customers to implement high-quality RFID systems. Rongzhixing Technology newly purchased advanced rfid tag Tagformance Lite system tester equipment, which was officially put into use in September.
The Tagformance Lite system is a complete test system developed by Finnish Voyantic Company for testing the performance of UHF RFID Tag. It is the most cost-effective UHF RFID Tag comprehensive tester in the world. This system can be extended to rfid tag radiation pattern testing and link prediction, to study the forward and backward link balance and system-level reading range. It can not only verify whether the tag is working properly, but also test the working status and efficiency of the tag, and analyze the tag population Behavior, study environmental interference, test and verify label protocols, etc.
rfid tag Tagformance Lite system tester equipment
Tagformance Lite configuration and functions
Test system host Measurement Unit (required)
1. Frequency range: 800-1000MHz,
Extended frequency range: 700-1200MHz;
2. Battery selection, convenient to use in test scenarios
3. A complete set of label testing functions have been integrated, and customers can use it right out of the box with a humanized operation interface;
4. LabVIEW API application program interface, customers can develop their own extended applications;
5. Customers can choose 5 sets of test software suits for their own application environment.
Optional testing software
1. Tag Designer suite
2. Application Development Suite
3. Protocol Testing Suite (Protocol Testing Suite)
4. Quality inspection kit (Batch Tester)
5. Inline Tester
rfid tag Tagformance Lite system tester equipment
RZX Technology is committed to the development, design and production of smart card and rfid tag products. It is believed that with the support of Tagformance Lite system tester equipment, RZX Technology’s various series of customized rfid electronic tags can bring customers better in special scenarios. Use experience, for more rfid laundry tags, rfid book tags, rfid anti-counterfeiting traceability tags, FPC micro tags, rfid medical tags and other product introductions and related information, welcome to follow RZX Technology Company news and public accounts.