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Broadcast Notice|On December 11th, 5-7 pm, RZX’ s overseas Department of Foreign Trade Christmas Promotion
Time:2020-12-10 18:21:38

The Christmas promotion live broadcast of RZX Ali International Station is coming. The broadcast time: 11th December, 5pm-7pm.This live broadcast will bring you Christmas gift cards, PVC printed cards, environmentally friendly white cards, RFID laundry tags, NFC tags and other products related to the live broadcast. All live broadcast products will enjoy price concessions. Please remember to collect the live broadcast link in advance, and watch the wonderful introductions brought by the ladies in the live broadcast room of the Ministry of Foreign Trade!
RZX Chrismas Promotion Live show
RZX's Ali International Station live broadcast event of the Ministry of Foreign Trade is divided into two sessions, on 11st December and 15th December . If there are new live events in the future, you can bookmark and follow us to learn about the latest live broadcast information.
RZX Chrismas Promotion
At present, the domestic double 12 limited-time promotion (December 10-12) is also underway. Although the foreign trade market has been severely impacted this year, the influence of Christmas is no less than that of China’s Spring Festival. Therefore, purchase daily necessities in advance. Collecting the required goods can largely avoid the impact on work and life during the Christmas holidays.
Two days before the live broadcast, colleagues from the Foreign Trade Department of RZX pre-broadcast the event in the temporary live broadcast venue of the conference room, so as to bring you a better live broadcast experience.
One of the most influential festivals of import and export trade in 2020 is Christmas. In this live broadcast event, we will also bring you high-quality and low-cost smart card and RFID tag products, which are supplied in batches at factory prices. Products can be interactively consulted with the anchors in the live broadcast room, collect and purchase, and there are many discounts!