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RZX 2019 Summer Outward-bound
Time:2019-07-08 16:24:55

 Passion|RZX 2019 Summer Outward-bound: Challenge ourselves, collaboration and innovation,  win-win the future 



The RZX Marketing Dept hold a two-day activity for outward-bound and tour. The purpose is to  enhance team spirit and ability of challenge self, collaboration and innovation for RZX's team. Everyone open mind to re-recognize ourselves and enjoy the team in this two days outdoor development activities. Let everyone feel the power and importance of the team! The group must win the goal by fighting together. Only everyone helps each other, can we create miracles!



2019-6-29 7:20am, Accompanied with the first ray of sunshine, RZX’s team leave Shenzhen for Xunliao Bay in Huizhou.  



                                                                                                                             DAY 1

One hard but successful day.  

As the most important project for two-day activity, one-off outward-bound starts. Team formation, planning a name and slogan, singing songs. The two teams successfully finish the following item: Lie down with team trust , concentric drums, fingerboard, graduation wall and etc. Everyone join in the item actively.




- Graduation wall -






In this outward-bound, what impressed us the most is climbing over the 4.3m graduation wall. Let’s assume that if everyone shirk the role of human-ladder because of huge damage to shoulder, the graduation wall will be an impossible mission;

If without team’s protection by holding up their hands , there will be no such amazing results.

Under feasible solutions, unity, and concerted efforts, everyone is moved to tears.

The team is the scenery along our way.

Those who silently build steps on the wall with their shoulders, It is our most beautiful scene.




One day's outward-bound is completed with the graduation wall. In this activity, we sweated  laughed, cried, but what proud us most is that completed the construction team-spirit.

Challenge ourselves, collaboration and innovation,  win-win the future




The dinner of first day is seaside barbecue.

With the blue sea, afterglow of sunset, all people sit on the beach and enjoy the delicious food and wine. The fatigue is eliminated at this moment.



                                                                                                                 DAY 2


One beautiful day

After the hard outward-bound, Today’s main task is to have fun. As our schedule, we will fish in sea, visit exotic Spain town, picnic and enjoy a panoramic view of the Shuangyue Bay.






It’s necessary to take exercise after a sumptuous lunch. We are going to walk to observation deck of Shuangyue Bay, the last stage for our plan.

The two days activity is end with majestic scene of Shuangyue Bay.


To be of one mind , high-efficiency communication,

Teamwork, go ahead!

Transmutation is a painful practice.

In one group, everyone's success is supported by team members' devotion. Be grateful to each other, mutual achievement, unity and progress, we can create one better future .