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Embedded anti-counterfeiting authentication module
Embedded anti-counterfeiting authentication module

New Product:Embedded anti-counterfeiting authentication module RS0616

Anti-counterfeit label 

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 Anti-counterfeit label


RS0616 series of high-frequency anti-counterfeiting authentication modules support the anti-counterfeiting authentication of S50, S70, Ultralgiht, Ntag and other series of IC chip. It is easy to be embedded into existing projects and is widely used in consumables monitoring, anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting fields. It has the characteristics of small size, simple interface and easy to use.

The module integrates the ISO14443A protocol. Developers only need to send simple commands through the communication interface to complete the reading and writing operations of the IC card, without understanding the complex IC card communication protocol; it can greatly reduce the difficulty of your product development and shorten the product The development cycle helps you integrate today's popular contactless IC card technology into your system conveniently and quickly.

The following is displayed when using authorized products:

 Authorized product use

The following is displayed when using unauthorized products:

 Unauthorized product

product description:

1. The RS0616 high-frequency anti-counterfeiting authentication module adopts a dedicated base station chip and supports the anti-counterfeiting authentication of S50, S70, ULTRALIGHT, NTAG and other series of ICs.

2. Plug-in installation, small size, easy to integrate into current projects

3. Stable performance, fully compatible with ISO14443A protocol

4. The development is simple, and the interactive protocol can be customized.

5. The antenna is integrated, the wiring is available, UART interface, and the operation is very simple.

Technical parameter:

Frequency 13.56MHz      protocol ISO 1443A

Reading range 3cm       Power <0.5w

Reading time <100ms     Wiring 2.54 in-line

Operating Voltage 3.3V Communication Interface UART

Baud rate 9600 bps      size 23mm*14mm*3mm

Operating temperature -25℃~+85℃   environment humidity 5%~95%

 Limit parameters :

Working temperature:-20℃~+85℃

Storage temperature:-40℃~+125℃

Supply voltage:2.5V~+3.6V

Pin to ground voltage:0V~+5.5V

Maximum per pin IOL:±2mA

Relative humidity:5%~95%

 Note: Working under "rated value" conditions will cause damage to the device. The above does not involve the functional operation of the device under or beyond these conditions. The device cannot be operated under over-rated conditions for a long time, otherwise its reliability will be affected.

Pin description:

Pin  Symbol  Features

1    VCC     Power supply 3.3V

2    GND     Module GND

3    TXD     UART transmit pin

4    RXD     UART receiving pin


1.EMI and EMC

The mechanical structure of the RS0616 series of modules determines that its EMI performance is bound to be different from the integrated circuit design.The EMI performance of RS0616 series modules meets most applications. If users have special requirements, please contact us in advance.The EMC performance of RS0616 series modules is closely related to the design of the user's floor, especially the power circuit, I/O isolation, and reset circuit. The user should fully consider the above factors when designing the bottom plate.We will strive to improve the electromagnetic compatibility of the module, but we do not provide any guarantee for the EMC performance of the user's final application product.

2.ESD Electrostatic discharge protection

Some components of RS0616 series modules have built-in ESD protection circuits. However, when the module is used in harsh environments, it is still recommended that users provide ESD protection measures when designing the bottom plate.When installing the RS0616 series module, to ensure safety, please discharge the static electricity accumulated on itself, such as wearing a reliable grounded static ring; also pay attention to the discharge of static electricity during the welding process, such as ensuring that the welding equipment is well grounded.