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RFID Animal tags
RFID Animal tags

ET01 animal electronic ear tag is an animal electronic ear tag specially designed for animal breeding and slaughter management. It conforms to the ISO11784/5 FDX-B international standard for animal identification. It is designed and produced with imported original chips. It is readable and writable and has unique data security. design. This product provides two designs of opening and closing (the above are through holes). It adopts the two-shot injection process and has excellent waterproof and anti-collision performance. With the series of reading and writing equipment provided by the company, it can be conveniently used in animal breeding and slaughter management. Tracking and identification has been widely used at home and abroad to effectively manage the entire process of animal growth. It can effectively track and trace the situation of breeding stocks, epidemic prevention, meat quarantine, etc., timely discover and solve diseases and epidemics, reduce losses, and improve economic and social 
RFID Animal tags
Product Features:
Suitable for all kinds of harsh animal husbandry farm environments
Not easy to fall off
Stable recognition distance
Put animal bite structure and color design
Waterproof structure design, chip female button design, small size and light weight
technical parameter:
Model ET01
Label standard: ISO11784/5 FDX-B 
chip model:EM tags sic
Label height:12.5mm 
Label frequency:134.2KHz, 125KHz
Label diameter:30.7mm ± 1mm 
Label color:yellow/pink etc.
Label material:Thermoplastic elastomer rubber
(Thermoplastic polyurethane) 
Withstand tension:350 Newtons
How to use:it can be reused
Operating temperature: -20°C-55°C
installation method:
Use special ear tag pliers to penetrate the ear tag nails into the ears of large and medium-sized livestock, and fix the ear tag caps. The flat part of the ear tag nails should be located in a convenient place to read.