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RFID Logistics management label
RFID Logistics management label

Find RFID logistics tags and choose RZX Technology. The reading distance is up to 20 meters, the recognition is high, and the misreading range is small. It can quickly read logistics information and synchronize data in real time. It can also quickly scan and inventory the products in the logistics warehouse. , The inventory efficiency is high, which can reduce labor costs and obtain more economic benefits. RZX RFID logistics management tags can be customized according to needs, package design, long-term large and small batch customization, please call for details.

RFID logistics management label parameter introduction:

1. Chip: F08, NTAG® 213

2. Antenna size: diameter 15MM

3. Working frequency: 13.56MHz

4. Chip Agreement: ISO14443A

5. Number of reads and writes: 100,000 times

6. Service life: 10 years

7. Working temperature: -5℃ ~ 60℃

8. Storage temperature: -10℃ ~ 65℃

9. Working humidity: 0-95%

Packaging materials:

1. Antenna: PET substrate + aluminum foil antenna

2. Fabric: Self-adhesive paper or self-adhesive PVC, coated paper, bright white PET, transparent PET, bright white PVC, transparent PVC, carbon paper, PP synthetic paper, PET synthetic paper,

Thermal bright white PE, glossy paper, fragile paper, foam paper, thermal transfer paper, aluminum foil paper. 

3. Bottom paper: Glassine release paper, PET release film, color cow release paper, copper release paper, molded release paper.

Printing process: Four-color printing, printing with label printer or RFID label printer.

Product application: logistics management, asset management, commodity retail, product management, warehouse management, production control, vehicle management, etc.; supply chain management, logistics distribution, product verification, asset inventory and tracking, baggage handling, tracking and item-level labeling, Inventory management, asset tracking, authentication and serialization, etc.

UHF label picture:


UHF RFID Logistics management label

Logistics traceability label

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