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RFID book management label
RFID book management label

High-quality book management label wholesale, high-quality and low-cost, with large quantities of inventory available all year round

RZX Technology produces and sells high-frequency RFID book tags, RFID file management tags, and RFID asset management tags. It can optimize self-management, quickly and quickly inventory inventory, and facilitate traceability. HF/UHF book tags have a long reading distance and can be more Tag identification, high sensitivity, spot supply, more than ten years of RFID book tag manufacturer, quality is guaranteed.
RFID high frequency book label RZX-HP005
1. Product size:
Core ID: 76mm
Antenna size: 45*45mm
White label size: 50*50mm
Antenna Pitch: 5mm
PET Width: 56mm
Chip model: I CODE SLIX
Label size: 85.5*54mm
2. Product introduction:
The RFID high-frequency book tag RZX-HP005 can be read at medium and long distances to prevent conflicts; I CODE is widely used in member management, consumer systems, access control systems, etc.
3. Electrical characteristics:
Manufacturer / Chip Manufacture / Chip: ICODE SLIX / ICODE SLI
Base Material: PET
Antenna manufacturing method Antenna: Etched Alumium
Comply with standard Protoco: Comply with ISO/IEC 15693 protocol
Capacity: 869 bit 
Antenna Size: 45*45mm
White scale: 50*50mm
Applicable carrier frequency Frequency: 13.56MHz ±0.3
IC Life: Write 100,000 times, data retention 50 years 100,000 Programming cycles, 10 years data retention
Working temperature (Storage): -20°c―+80°c
Read range: 4-10cm
4. Packaging:
(1) Shipping method:
1.1, roll
1.2. Static-free bag with zipper
(2) Packing method:
1 roll/carton (subject to actual shipment);
1rolls/ctn(Actual Qty as per Shipping Mark)
5. Picture display of RFID book management label:
RFID paper tag
RFID book tag
RFID book management label
RFID book inventory counting label