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In the case of chip shortage, it is necessary to prepare chip cards as soon as possible to cope with the university admission season
Time:2021-05-14 17:06:37

In a blink of an eye, more than half a month has passed since the Shanghai Internet of Things Exhibition. In addition to feeling the passage of time, the editor also looks forward to the arrival of the Shenzhen Internet of Things Exhibition from August 18th to 20th. As far as the security smart card printing industry is concerned, as long as there is an activity season, it is the peak season for enterprises to resume work, students go to school, holidays, small holidays, supermarket promotions, exhibitions and tourist seasons. .

Large orders always like to be concentrated on the eve of a certain holiday, which makes many manufacturers happy and worried. I am glad that there is another order. The worrying thing is that it is too busy when it is busy, and it is actually free when it is free. . If you have to ask what is the difference between the market in 2021 and 2020? I think that apart from many people who have deep roots in the prevention and control of epidemics, the lack of a "core" will certainly become the agenda. Yes, the chip shortage in 2021 is more serious than last year, so the prone peak season may also occur frequently. Activities caused by insufficient chips, delays or omissions.

The annual college entrance examination is coming soon, and college enrollment will follow. Large-scale demand for various campus cards, meal cards, water cards, portrait cards, physical examination cards and all-in-one cards will follow. Chip factories are affected by the general environment, and the situation in the second half of the year is not optimistic. Downstream companies always face the embarrassing situation of rising prices, otherwise the funds will not be able to purchase these commodities. Delivery time can be extended at any time, and it is difficult to capture major universities without early storage. Peak season for gold sales.

As an advanced manufacturer of smart cards and RFID tags, RZX Technology makes every effort to provide customers with customized production services. Currently, you can use the stock of conventional chip cards (conventional stock chips T5577, TK4100, FM1208, FM1280, F08, S50, S70, etc.). Orders placed from May to August can enjoy multiple mid-year promotional offers, so you can easily cope with the college admission season. In addition, Rongzhixing's new product promotion activities are underway, allowing you to easily perform personnel identification, stored-value payment, anti-counterfeiting traceability, social sharing, inventory management and other fields.

New product promotion time: May 17 to August 17

On the occasion of IoT exhibition promotion and mid-year promotion, RZX IoT exhibition and new product promotion peak season discounts are here! Promotional products include new RFID flexible laundry tags (size: 70*15mm and 50*20mm), PPS laundry coins, M730, U9, H9 series new RFID electronic tags, RFID flexible flash memory, search and file management tags, anti-metal FPC micro tags , Coin card (diameter 25mm, 30mm), NFC projection screen label, NFC anti-counterfeiting traceable printing label, NFC social sharing label, anti-metal glue label, glue card (diameter 30mm), No. 3 keychain blue, PC ID PVC printing Promotion of cards and new products will continue until the end of IOTE 2021 Internet of Things Exhibition Shenzhen Station. For more detailed information about the discount, please stay tuned. 

Large quantity and excellent price await you!

For more information about the promotion of new products, please consult the relevant sales staff!

There are many discounts, please don't miss it!

Exhibition preview:

The 16th IOTE Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Logistics, Smart City, Smart Retail Expo, IOTE 2021 Shenzhen International Smart Label Exhibition

Exhibition time: August 18 to August 20

RZX Booth No.: 1A92

Please look forward to the details of the exhibits!