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Facilitating the college entrance examination, the stocking of epidemic prevention cards, medical wristbands, and campus cards is urgent under the situation of core shortage
Time:2021-06-09 10:20:54

The 2021 college entrance examination kicked off on June 7, and 10.78 million candidates rushed to the examination room to meet a big test on the road of life. According to data from the Ministry of Education, in 2021, the number of applicants for the national college entrance examination was 10.78 million, an increase of 70,000 from last year, a new high. Regarding the setting of examination rooms, this year, the country has set up more than 7,200 examination centers, 466,000 examination rooms (including 26,000 spare isolated examination rooms), and more than 1.4 million test staff, including more than 950,000 invigilators.

The strict implementation of various epidemic prevention measures is inseparable from the cooperation of people from all walks of life and related management facilities. The college entrance examination in 2021 will be a special test for every candidate and family taking the college entrance examination.


Take the Shunde No. 1 High School Examination Center as an example. It is reported that before the examination, the examination center and school have completed the relevant construction of the examination room in strict accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and high standards. According to reports, in addition to 57 general examination rooms (37 for physics and 20 for history), the Shunde No. 1 High School Examination Center this year also has three spare examination rooms, ten isolated examination rooms, and one isolated examination room for 4 people. For candidates in the sealed area, close-in candidates, and second-time close-in candidates, special vehicles and dedicated drivers are used to pick up and drop off the quarantine test sites. The drivers of the special vehicles have undergone strict health checks, vaccination, and nucleic acid tests.

In the general environment of epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic, the demand for various types of epidemic prevention cards, medical wristbands, and nucleic acid test cards has increased sharply. However, under the situation of chip shortages, chip factories are affected by the general environment. The situation in the second half of the year is not optimistic, and the cost of chip purchases has increased. , Making chip cards and RFID anti-counterfeiting traceability products more tightly available. After the college entrance examination, it is facing the admission season of major universities, primary and middle schools, followed by various campus cards, meal cards, water cards, and portraits. The high-volume demand for cards, medical examination cards, epidemic prevention cards, medical wristbands, all-in-one cards, etc., and various types of admission certificates and traceability certificates for prevention and control have been prepared in advance.


As an established manufacturer of smart cards and RFID tags, RZX Technology is doing its best to provide customized services for customers. At present, conventional chip cards, wristband cards and RFID book tag chips have been part of the inventory, first come first served, scheduled You can consult the price beforehand. You can enjoy multiple mid-year promotional offers when you place an order before June 18, allowing you to easily cope with the college admissions season. In addition, RZX Internet of Things new product promotion activities are in progress, allowing you to easily deal with various fields such as personnel identification, stored value payment, anti-counterfeiting traceability, social sharing, inventory management and so on.

The college entrance examination is a fierce battle that will not be changed in this life. The golden horse and iron horse are hidden in the memories of thousands of people. Even after many years, people are smoothed out by the reality behind their dreams and the barrenness behind the grace, and the blood, bravery, persistence, and passion for the college entrance examination. Hard work is an unforgettable mark of the times. It’s not a blog here, it’s a vain boy, RZX Technology wishes the college entrance examination students satisfactory results! Go on college entrance examination! Help the college entrance examination students, love to walk with you all the way!