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618 Shopping List|The mid-year stocking list is here! Start grabbing!
Time:2021-06-16 15:53:06

This year's 618 shopping festival is here again. As a bi-annual e-commerce promotion activity, 618 in the first half of the year and Double 11 in the second half of the year are important days for companies to hoard consumption in the middle of the year. The editor has done enough homework this time to bring you new products at the 2021618 discount good Internet of Things exhibition. Most chips are in stock. If you make a reservation during the 618 promotion period, you can purchase the product at a preferential price without affecting the chip card products in the first quarter. During this period, it has multiple uses.
Promotional discount products for this 618 event include:
1. Chip IC card/CPU card (M1, T5577, TK4100, FM1208, FM1280, etc.)
2. Digital Portrait Card
3. Epoxy resin card (diameter 30mm)
4.3 Keychain blue
5. Coin card (diameter 25mm, 30mm)
6. RFID high-frequency book management label (chip: I CODE SLI, high-frequency book white label, color label)
7. UHF file management label (diameter 124*7mm, 104*5.5mm)
8. UHF printed labels (chips: H9, U8, M4QT, H3, R6-P)
9. NFC tags (NTAG213, 215, 216)
10. RFID flexible laundry label (size: 70*15mm; 50*20mm)
11. Anti-metal tag
618 new product recommendation:
1. Book flashing light to find objects tags (high frequency, ultra high frequency)
2. NFC projection tag
3. PC anti-counterfeiting ID card
4. Wristband label (cloth rope wristband, silicone wristband, medical wristband)
The mid-618 promotion period is: June 16-20, 2021
618 meets Father's Day, RZX smart card and RFID tag manufacturers will launch ex-factory prices. Most of the 618 promotional items and new product chips are in stock, first come first served, you can consult the price before booking, order before June 18 to enjoy multiple mid-year promotional offers, allowing you to easily cope with the college entrance examination season.
Order quantities of 5000, 10000, 50000, 100000 or more, you can enjoy different degrees of discounts, large quantities can enjoy factory lightning delivery, surprise gifts, one-to-one customer service VIP exclusive services, etc.; in addition, RZX Internet of Things new product promotion activities are underway , Allowing you to easily deal with personnel identification, stored value payment, anti-counterfeiting traceability, social sharing, inventory management and other fields. For more 618 promotion details, please consult relevant business personnel.