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RZX Technology|2022 "Qingming Festival" holiday notice
Time:2022-03-28 16:33:48

 According to the specific arrangements of the state on the holiday time of the Qingming Festival in 2022, combined with the actual situation of the company, the holiday time and precautions of RZX Technology are hereby notified as follows:

1. Holiday time:
1. Office staff: 3 days from April 3 (Sunday) to April 5 (Tuesday)
(April 5 is a statutory holiday for Qingming Festival, April 3 is a normal week off, and April 2 is a week off to April 4).
2. Production staff: April 5 (Tuesday), a total of 1 day
2. Matters needing attention:
1. During the holiday, the person in charge of each department shall make the pre-holiday work arrangement of the department, and check the relevant facilities and equipment, do a good job in fire prevention, waterproofing and anti-theft work, and do a good job in safety precautions;
2. Wear a mask when going out during the holidays, wash your hands frequently, and try to avoid going to crowded and medium-high risk areas as much as possible, and do a good job in epidemic prevention;
3. During the holiday, please keep your personal belongings, pay attention to personal safety, and improve the awareness of anti-theft, anti-robbery and anti-fraud.
4. The person in charge of each department needs to keep the mobile phone unblocked so that they can contact in time; if there is an emergency, report it in time and handle it properly.
During the Qingming holiday, new and old customers who need to arrange the delivery of smart cards and rfid-labeled products should try their best to arrange the delivery date in advance. During the holiday, all products can be booked by phone. In case of emergency, please call the relevant business personnel directly.
Notice hereby!
Shenzhen RZX Technology Co., Ltd.
Human Resources Administration Department
March 28, 2022