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2022 college entrance examination ends | RZX Technology CPU campus card, student ID card and portrait card help the college entrance examination season
Time:2022-06-10 16:03:27

The college entrance examination is the moment when thousands of students work hard for more than ten years to sprint their dreams. It is a turning point for students to realize their dreams, and it is also a love relay escorted by the whole society. In the examination room, candidates are writing their dreams hard. Outside the examination room, family and friends are eagerly waiting for the good news. From June 7th to 9th, the college entrance examination will end with much anticipation. Here I wish the college entrance examination students the title of the golden list and a bright future!

Under the environment of epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic, the demand for various types of epidemic prevention cards, medical wristbands, and nucleic acid test cards has increased sharply. During the college entrance examination, candidates' admission cards, student ID cards and other cards are indispensable, providing candidates with various conveniences . After the college entrance examination, it is faced with the recruitment season of major colleges and universities, primary and secondary schools, followed by a variety of campus cards, meal cards, water cards, portrait cards, physical examination cards, epidemic prevention cards, medical wristbands, all-in-one cards and other cards. Large-scale demand, various types of admission documents and prevention and control traceability documents are urgently needed.

CPU card

After the end of the college entrance examination, middle school campuses across the country will also usher in the senior high school entrance examination in mid-to-late June. The entrance examination rate and the college entrance examination rate have been the topics of concern for many years. The enrollment season is coming around the country. For supporting smart card manufacturers, July, August and September are also the peak pre-sale period for campus cards. Order in advance before the stocking season in 618, which can deal with emergencies such as various delivery dates and core shortages.

So do you know what cards are included in the campus card? Access control cards, meal cards, water cards, reading cards, reading cards, portrait cards, etc. used on campus are collectively referred to as campus cards. With the advancement of science and technology, some colleges and universities have adopted relatively high-end campus management systems, and campus cards can collect library cards. , bus pass, meal card, access control card, wallet, passbook and other functions in one card, to achieve "one card in hand, travel all over the campus", the "campus card" that travels the campus with one card is also well known. However, most primary schools, junior high schools, and colleges still use traditional ID cards to achieve access control and other identification management due to various factors such as teacher costs. Therefore, the number of ID cards in campuses across the country is still quite large, and you can enjoy financing if you place an order before 18th June. RZX Technology has many mid-year promotional offers, allowing you to easily cope with the college admissions season.

So what are the highlights of the campus card in 2022? The editor here mainly recommends "CPU chip campus card". Because of its multiple advantages such as large capacity and anti-copying, CPU chip cards have been widely used in campus cards in recent years to help primary and secondary schools and college campuses solve various types of personnel management problems; CPU chip cards Cards are the superior products of RZX Technology. The commonly used chips for CPU cards are in stock all the year round, and the stock is sufficient. The chip material testing is complete and the pass rate is high. The company also has personalized digital printing equipment, which can provide CPU card personalized portrait printing customization. Service, can make CPU chip variable data portrait card, free design, fast delivery, quality assurance, using CPU campus card on campus is convenient and practical, and can also prevent imitation.

For more information about campus-related student cards, CPU cards, RFID book file management and other products, please pay attention to the smart card manufacturer RZX Technology Exchange.