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Knowledge empowers newcomers|RZX Technology mid-year induction training for new employees
Time:2022-06-20 16:37:20

In order to practice the company's development concept, let new employees further understand the company's development and various rules and regulations, improve the safety awareness of new employees, popularize safety knowledge, and have anti-fraud awareness, so that employees can better master safety skills and enhance Self-protection ability, RZX Human Resources and Administration Department organized new employee induction corporate culture and safety education and training activities in the conference room on the third floor of the company.

RZX New Employee Training Event

The mid-year induction training for new employees is as follows:

1. Enterprise overview: company profile, development history, company honor and qualification, product introduction, organizational structure, corporate culture;

2. Rules and regulations: attendance management system, employee change and resignation management system, collective dormitory management system, work clothes management system, etc.;

3. Workshop management: 7S management, production and fire safety knowledge, etc.;

4. Others: Anti-fraud publicity;

This training, in the form of "pictures, video cases + on-site explanations", popularized safety precautions, daily safety knowledge and how to improve safety awareness, etc., and explained the correct use of various fire equipment and labor protection supplies. Then, the new employees were trained on the company's development history, corporate culture, rules and regulations, etc. After the training, colleagues from the company's personnel and administration department conducted test questions for the new employees according to the training situation.

As a smart card and RFID label manufacturer, RZX Technology will organize different security knowledge or business knowledge training activities every month. I believe that through this training activity, new employees can enhance their security concepts and deepen their security awareness into their usual work. in life. It is also convenient for new employees to adapt to the working environment more quickly, laying a good foundation for them to smoothly integrate into the workplace and become qualified employees of the company. For more information about smart cards and RFID tags, please pay attention to the news of RZX, a smart card manufacturer.