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Live broadcast preview on September 12|The foreign trade live broadcast venue of the September Purchasing Festival is in full swing
Time:2022-09-08 18:04:10

Ali International Station September Procurement Festival is known as the double 11 of the foreign trade industry. It is an annual large-scale procurement event provided by Alibaba International Station for global B2B buyers and sellers, and is regarded as a weather vane for global buyers' procurement needs. This year has been the 6th since it was first held in 2017. 

RZX Technology's September Procurement Festival live broadcast venue has four live broadcast events scheduled this month, which started at 12:00 on September 6th, and the remaining three live broadcast events are from 15:00 to 18:00 on September 12, and September 20. From 15:00 to 18:00 on September 22, and from 9:00 to 12:00 on September 22, the live broadcast of the September procurement festival will be broadcast live by a mix of old foreign trade salesmen and new salesmen, and will give you a detailed introduction to RZX technology smart cards and rfid Label products, RTS products, featured products, etc. In addition, there is a live broadcast to explore the factory. Everyone remember to save the live broadcast link in advance, and then watch the wonderful live broadcast brought by foreign trade colleagues.

September Purchasing Festival Live Show

September is the peak of traditional foreign trade procurement. At this time of year, overseas buyers will purchase and stock up in preparation for important festivals such as Christmas, World Cup, Halloween, etc. At present, although the epidemic situation in most parts of the country has stabilized, the production and operation order of foreign trade merchants is gradually Recovery, but overseas buyers have shown new changes in demand and consumption decisions, and certainty and cost-effectiveness are particularly critical at the moment.

In order to allow Chinese merchants to enjoy the double dividends of overseas offline exhibitions and digital exhibitions at the same time, Ali International Station will adopt the innovative way of participating in the "online + offline" hybrid exhibition in September. Small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises that are difficult to participate in, go to top overseas exhibitions such as IFA and AMF to participate in the exhibition, and at the same time, with the help of online and offline exhibition forms, small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises can expand overseas markets efficiently and easily.

During the procurement festival in September 2022, the deterministic "arrival guarantee" is the highlight of this year's procurement festival. At this year's Procurement Festival, more than 12 million products enjoy a deterministic "arrival guarantee". In various aspects such as capital, logistics, and transactions, the platform provides merchants with a one-stop "digital export to the sea" service, allowing them to receive orders, send shipments, and receive payments. Arrival guarantee and worry-free return service free overseas buyers from worries. For more than 12 million products, the international station provides overseas buyers with services that arrive on time and must pay for late arrivals. If the goods do not arrive at the promised time, the platform will pay buyers overdue compensation, and new and old customers can buy with confidence. For more china smart cards, RFID tags, gift cards, anti-counterfeiting traceability labels and other related product introductions, please pay attention to the live broadcast of RZX Technology's September Procurement Festival.