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7s appraisal | RZX 2022 7s monthly appraisal activities of science and technology
Time:2022-12-13 14:30:27

Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise and the inexhaustible power to promote its development. Corporate culture is an important part of humanized enterprise management, and also the carrier of corporate cohesion and good style. Do any work should be it should follow the basic rules, 7S is no exception. Start from the heart, practice in action. In order to further optimize the working environment, enhance the 7S management concept of all departments, and enrich the management rules of RZX technology enterprises, the company organized all members to carry out the 2022 annual 7S monthly evaluation activity.

From the establishment of rules, to the division of regional responsibilities, clear division of labor, responsibility to people, to the department grading. The "7S" monthly evaluation activity of organizing, reorganizing, cleaning, cleaning, quality, safety and saving carried out by RZX Technology in 2022 has been officially implemented after trial implementation. Various departments of RZX Technology have extensively publicized and mobilized, strengthened the "7S" management concept, established rules and systems, made clear the division of labor and responsibilities to people. All departments organize and implement the evaluation content and scoring standards, refine the routine management, and implement the "7S" management of the factory.

 RZX 7S Monthly review

At present, the ranking of RZX Technology's monthly 7S evaluation is determined by the comprehensive score of each department's weekly routine inspection. The winning department will be awarded the first to the third mobile red flag in the 7S monthly evaluation, and will be rewarded with cash; Departments at the bottom receive a black flag of "poor team" and are fined.

After three months of 7S monthly evaluation activity, the image of RZX technology office and production area has been greatly improved, which has played the influence of environment on employees' love, dedication and responsibility. It is believed that the continuous implementation of 7S monthly evaluation activity will highlight the characteristics of RZX technology enterprise culture and add new connotation to the corporate culture of RZX factory.For more information about smart cards and RFID tags, check out RZX Technology News.