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Winter warmer heart | RZX birthday gift distribution activities in the fourth quarter of 2022 employees
Time:2022-12-14 14:44:18

In the afternoon of December 13th, the birthday stars in the fourth quarter of RZX Technology received the birthday gifts prepared by the company one after another at the reception desk of the company. The balance of 2022 is insufficient, and the year 2023 is about to arrive in half a month. December is also the season when Shenzhen begins to feel the chill of winter.

RZX Technology, as a smart card and RFID electronic tag manufacturer with 18 years of production experience, care for employees, let employees experience warmth and respect, to become a cohesive enterprise, is the direction of the company has been working hard. Now it is the end of 2022, and the promotion activities of RZX Technology's year-end stocking season are in full flow. The control of the epidemic in China has been lifted, and all types of scenic spot ticket cards, card cards, hot water cards, gift cards and hotel room cards should be stocked as early as possible before the end of the year to avoid the impact of logistics shutdown.

RZX fourth quarter staff birthday gift distribution

In the fourth quarter of this year, the gifts for the staff birthday gift distribution activity were prepared by the colleagues of the administration department, including multi-flavored cakes, egg tarts, smart alarm clock Bluetooth stereo and other gifts. The person's face is permeated with happy smile, in the company at the front desk to receive the birthday gift, hope this birthday gift distribution activities can let person feel warmth and love, let more warm this winter!

The fourth quarter of 2022 birthday gift distribution activity is a quarterly employee interactive welfare activity held by RZX Technology. We have been making great efforts to innovate and strive for fresh, chic, warm and loving birthday gifts. I wish all the birthday stars happy birthday, health and happiness!More business card printing manufacturers related introduction, welcome to RZX technology news and public account (rzxrfid) related push.