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The RZX Tech 2022 Summing-up Conference came to a successful conclusion
Time:2023-01-09 16:08:04

Star Rabbit shine, build a dream voyage, win the war 2023! RZX Technology 2022 Annual Summary Meeting and 2023 Department Planning Meeting was successfully concluded on January 7, 2023. This annual summary meeting included special meeting of Market and Foreign Trade Department, domestic Trade Department, Production Department and summary meeting of managers of all departments, in which everyone summarized experience and looked forward to the future.

The 2022 annual summary meeting is still in the form of PPT to make a summary of the 2022 annual work and sales situation. After the 2023 New Year's Day holiday, each department has held an annual summary meeting, in which each department summarized and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the work, and made a work plan for 2023, and analyzed and discussed the key points of the implementation of the work plan.

The annual summary meeting of the department heads of RZX Technology Company was held on the afternoon of January 7th. The department heads discussed the monthly, quarterly and annual planning of the department in 2023, explained and comprehensively analyzed the operating results of 2022, and analyzed the problems and deficiencies in all aspects of the work. To provide ideas and direction for the next work, and the development of 2023 business card printing factory and electronic label factory production and sales plan, clear 2023 smart card and electronic label development strategy and direction.

RZX 2022 Annual Summary

The successful holding of the summary conference not only enhanced the internal cohesion of the company, but also enhanced the communication, exchange and teamwork consciousness between the department members and department heads, and also enriched the corporate culture. In the New Year, a new journey, a new dream, Starrabbit shine, build a dream voyage, I wish RZX technology in 2023 to ride the wind and waves, create new brilliance!