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March exhibition notice: RZX will participate in 2023 China International Label Printing Technology Exhibition
Time:2023-02-23 14:48:45

RZX Technology March offline exhibition notice is coming! RZX Technology will take a number of RFID inlay and anti-counterfeiting traceability RFID electronic label products to participate in 2023 China International Label Printing Technology Exhibition in Guangzhou, the exhibition time is: March 2-4, 2023, RZX Technology booth in the anti-counterfeiting traceability zone: 2.2 Hall F03, with the full liberalization of the epidemic in China, it is believed that this exhibition will return to the grand exhibition in the early stage of the epidemic.

RFID tags, as the information carrier of modern intelligent systems, not only give more possibilities to the traditional label function, promote the label industry towards a more "diversified", "intelligent" direction surging forward. China International Label Exhibition excavates the huge potential market of RFID, provides innovative practical application solutions, injects new vitality into the industry, and realizes the security and traceability of the complete supply chain.

Scope of exhibits:

● Anti-counterfeiting material (safety wire/ink/laser hot stamping/open word/easy to break paper, etc.)
● Intelligent equipment (photolithography equipment/laser coding equipment/UV printing equipment, etc.)
● Anti-counterfeiting labels and intelligent packaging (holographic/temperature variable/variable two-dimensional code/NFC labels, etc.)
Anti-counterfeiting traceability solution (anti-counterfeiting traceability system/integrated design, etc.)

2023 China International label Exhibition new upgrade [anti-counterfeiting traceability zone], display anti-counterfeiting materials, equipment, platform and solutions, one-stop solution to enterprise pain points, help brand protection, anti-channel traceability and digital marketing. Rongzhixing technology in the area of anti-counterfeiting traceability RFID label products application is also very wide, can be used in tobacco, wine and tea, food and beverage, daily chemical, shoes, medicine, cosmetics, logistics e-commerce, electronics, agricultural products and other fields of single product anti-counterfeiting traceability, inventory, supervision, etc. Look forward to meeting with you in the Security Traceability Zone 2.2F03.

Details of the RZX Technology Exhibition are as follows:

2023 South China International Printing Exhibition/China International Label Exhibition
Venue: Zone A, China Import and Export Fair, Guangzhou
Exhibition time: March 2-4, 2023
Booth number: F03, Hall 2.2

When spring is blooming, during the promotion period of RZX technology exhibition, you can enjoy the exhibition discount price for bulk booking of RFID wet and dry Inlay, RFID security traceability label and other exhibits, and enjoy the full discount of manufacturer price, free plate fee and mold fee for mass purchase. You can also enjoy the VIP exclusive service and other multiple discounts. Other traditional advantages of smart card products and special products have different levels of price concessions, March 1 will open online simultaneous presale, welcome to consult related business personnel! For more details of the exhibition and exhibits, please pay attention to the follow-up push of RZX Technology. We also look forward to your visit to the exhibition site to exchange views and negotiate cooperation!