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Invitation letter | RZX look forward to meet with you on March 2, 4 - guangzhou international labels show
Time:2023-03-02 14:32:59

2023 South China International Printing Exhibition/China International Label Exhibition officially opened today! After the intense exhibition arrangement, the South China International Label Exhibition opens today in the Canton Fair Pavilion, lasting for 3 days (March 2-4), RZX Technology is looking forward to meeting you in Guangzhou! Welcome new and old customers to the Canton Fair Exhibition Hall 2.2 F03 booth RZX technology booth!

From March 2nd to 4th, 2023, RZX Technology will present a variety of RFID inlay and security traceability RFID electronic tag products in the security traceability zone of Guangzhou International Label Exhibition: Booth F03 in Hall 2.2! RZX technology in the area of anti-counterfeiting traceability RFID label products application is also very wide, can be used in tobacco, wine and tea, food and beverage, daily chemical, shoes, medicine, cosmetics, logistics e-commerce, electronics, agricultural products and other fields of single product anti-counterfeiting traceability, inventory, supervision, etc. The exhibition will start today and last for three days. We sincerely invite you to visit the exhibition hall for negotiation. RZX Technology is looking forward to meeting you!

RZX South China Label

Details of the RZX Technology Exhibition are as follows:

2023 South China International Printing Exhibition/China International Label Exhibition

Exhibition time: March 2-4, 2023

Booth number: F03 in Hall 2.2

Venue: Zone A, China Import and Export Fair, Guangzhou

During the exhibition period, you can book online to enjoy the promotional price of the exhibition, free samples can be taken at the exhibition site, and there is a surprise gift delivery, first come first served, delivery until finished! For new and old customers who could not visit the booth, please follow our foreign trade colleagues' online live broadcast of the New Trade Festival in March, or follow our Douyin "szvipcard" to participate in relevant interaction, and the anchor can explain your favorite products online! The three-day South China Printing Label Exhibition officially opens today! We look forward to meeting you at the exhibition site!

During the promotion period of RZX technology exhibition, you can enjoy the exhibition discount price if you book in bulk for RFID wet and dry Inlay, RFID security traceability label and other exhibits, and enjoy the full discount of manufacturer price, free plate fee and mold fee for mass purchase. You can also enjoy the VIP exclusive service and other multiple discounts. Order quantity in 10000 pieces, 50000 pieces, 100000 more can enjoy the Guangzhou label exhibition promotion price at the same time, get a surprise gift, first come, first served, sent until the exhibition site can also get free samples!