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On March 2, 10 air | RZX 2023 new trade section "march" live events
Time:2023-03-02 10:00:00

RZX Technology "March New Trade Festival" live!  There are 10 live events scheduled this month, please pay attention!  Two live events on March 2nd, starting from 10:00-13:00 on the new platform on March 2nd, Anchors: shirley and Cathy;  16:00-19:00, Anchors: shirley and Tara.

In 2023, "March New Trade Festival" will bring you product display, product application explanation, production process demonstration, live factory inspection and other related introductions from the aspects of market live broadcast, European and American reception week, etc.  Welcome to visit our Foreign trade broadcast room of Ali International Station and watch the wonderful introduction brought by colleagues from the Ministry of Foreign Trade!  During the South China International Label Exhibition, RZX Technology RFID wet and dry inlay, RFID security traceability tags and other promotional products and all livestream products will enjoy the double price discount of the exhibition and livestream promotion.  Please remember to collect and pay attention to the store in advance.  If there are any new livestream activities in the future, please continue to pay attention.

Live on RZX New Trade Festival

Live broadcast details on March 2:

Live time: March 2, 10:00-13:00;  16:00-19:00

Live theme: New Trade Festival in March.  Big market live

Anchor: shirley,Cathy,Tara

Live on RZX New Trade Festival

"March New Trade Festival" of Alibaba International Station is a shining stage for global suppliers to show their corporate strength, new products and new services, as well as an opportunity for global smes to purchase cross-border goods.  As a smart card and RFID manufacturers, RZX technology RTS products factory price supply, fast delivery, high volume price, let you buy more value for money.

New trade festival live schedule

In the New Trade Festival in March this year, RZX Technology will continue to layout the future with the attitude of integrity, exploration and innovation, and focus on the open source of business opportunities, the guarantee of performance and the improvement of operation efficiency.  We will jointly grasp the new opportunities of digital foreign trade, share business opportunities and seek a common future.  For more content related to RZX live broadcast, please follow the news of RZX Technology company and the follow-up push of wechat public account.