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RZX technology | 2023 "Dragon Boat Festival" holiday notice
Time:2023-06-16 17:37:34

According to the specific arrangements of the state on the holiday time of the Dragon Boat Festival in 2023, combined with the actual situation of the company, the holiday time and precautions are notified as follows:

First, holiday time:

1, office workers: June 22 (Thursday) to June 24 (Saturday), a total of 3 days;

(The week of June 25 will be closed until June 23, and we will work on Sunday, June 25.)

2, production department and label factory personnel: June 22 (Thursday), a total of 1 day;

Production department and label factory personnel can arrange their own rest according to the actual situation of production.

Second, duty arrangement during the holiday:

1. On June 22, the company will not arrange other departments to be on duty except for the personnel on duty.

2. If all departments need to work overtime due to work, please report to the superior in advance for approval and file with the Human Resources Administration Department before implementation.

Iii. Precautions:

1, During the holiday, the head of each department to do the department's pre-holiday work arrangements, and check the relevant facilities and equipment, do a good job of fire prevention, waterproof, anti-theft work, do a good job of security;

2, during the holiday as little as possible to go to crowded and high-risk areas, go out must wear masks, wash hands frequently, do a good job of safety protection;

3, please take good care of personal belongings during the holiday, pay attention to personal safety, improve the awareness of anti-theft, anti-robbery, anti-fraud;

4. The responsible person of each department shall keep the mobile phone unblocked for timely contact; If there is an emergency, report it in time and handle it properly.

During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, new and old customers who need to arrange the delivery of smart cards and RFID electronic tags should book in advance and arrange the delivery time reasonably; Phone and email reservations are accepted during the holiday. After the holiday, the list is arranged according to the time; In case of emergency, please call the relevant business personnel directly.

I wish you in advance: Dragon Boat Festival Ankang!

We hereby inform you!

Shenzhen RZX Technology Co., LTD

Human Resources Administration Department

June 16, 2023