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RZX "RFID UHF Wristband Tag" participated in the "IOTE 2023 Gold Award" innovative product selection
Time:2023-07-14 15:56:46

"IOTE 2023 Gold Award" innovative product selection activity is now hot in progress, the selection is divided into popularity help and judges voting, RZX technology "RFID ultra-high frequency wristband tag" to participate in the selection, popularity help time from June 26 to August 31, welcome everyone to help our network.

As an influential competition, the IOTE Gold Award innovative Product selection will select a number of innovative products with leading technology and commercial value in the RFID Internet of Things industry, providing an important leading and promoting role for the development of the Internet of Things industry.

rfid UHF wristband tag

RZX technology "RFID ultra-high frequency wristband tag" is a smart label product based on radio frequency technology, which can be widely used in concerts, water parks, playgrounds, baths, saunas, medical health and other fields. The product has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, remote identification, multi-label reading, easy to carry, convenient payment, etc. It can realize real-time monitoring and tracking of people and items, and improve the management efficiency of amusement venues and medical venues. The participation in the IOTE 2023 Gold Award innovative product selection activity is also expected to be understood by everyone in various fields and be more widely used, which also provides strong support for the company to further promote products and expand the market.

RZX Innovative products

RZX has been committed to the research and development and application of Internet of Things technology, with a high-quality R & D team and professional sales and service team, committed to providing high-quality Internet of Things products and solutions for global customers. The company's "ultra-high frequency wristband label" products have been widely used in logistics warehousing, retail, medical health and other fields, and have been praised by customers.

The company has a full range of RFID label reverse packaging, composite, die-cutting, testing production lines, free design, free sample, fast delivery, quality assurance, professional marketing and business team, provide pre-sales and after-sales service, professional R & D team, according to different scene needs, customized product solutions; Can provide antenna design, material experiment and product technical support, with project integration landing; With industry-leading information-based order production management system, order progress real-time tracking, efficient process; Strive to save customers' worry and effort in every link, and improve the purchasing experience.

RZX Technology's "UHF wristband label" product participated in the IOTE 2023 Gold Award innovative product selection activity, which not only improves the product's visibility and influence, but also provides a broader development space for the company's future innovation. In the future, RZX will continue to strengthen technology research and development and product innovation to provide customers with more high-quality and efficient iot solutions.