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RZX Technology 2023 annual summary meeting and 2024 target planning meeting successfully concluded
Time:2024-01-16 13:49:23

Long journey, only struggle! RZX Technology 2023 Annual Summary meeting and 2024 Department planning meeting was successfully concluded on January 13. The annual summary meeting included a special meeting of Market and Foreign Trade Department, domestic Trade Department, production Department and a summary meeting of department managers. Each department meeting was held in different sessions to review the achievements of the past year and develop new target plans. To continuously promote the development and innovation of the company.

In the past year, RZX technology has achieved impressive results. We have made important breakthroughs in the fields of portrait cards, drip charging cards, logistics tag cards, consumer electronics tags, ARC certification tags, retail tags, RFID anti-counterfeiting traceability tags, RFID environmental labels, and launched a series of innovative products and solutions to provide customers with more intelligent and efficient solutions.

In addition, RZX Technology also vigorously promotes scientific and technological innovation and R&D investment in 2023, adding a number of drip card production equipment, high-frequency reverse packaging equipment, RFID detection equipment, and adding an RFID laundry label production line on the third floor of F building in Jinhao Pioneer Park, the company's daily chip packaging, testing and shipping capacity. The company continues to try RFID technology products in different fields, improve the RFID tag comprehensive application research and development platform from research and development, experiment, test to the final automated mass production, focusing on product research and development design and personalized customization efforts, to help customers better use RFID technology to achieve the upgrade of the Internet of things application, has been praised by customers.

 RZX 2023 summary meeting pictures

At the meeting, colleagues from various departments also carried out a comprehensive planning and task breakdown of the development goals for 2024. Define the development strategy and direction of smart cards and electronic tags in 2024. At the end of the meeting, the leadership team of RZX Technology expressed their heartfelt thanks and incentives to colleagues in various departments, and said that they will work together with everyone to achieve the development goals of the company. The leaders of each department issued cash rewards to the excellent team! They emphasize the values of teamwork, innovation and customer first, and encourage employees to continue to work deeply, challenge themselves, and make continuous efforts to achieve performance goals!

RZX Technology will also strengthen talent training and team building, attract more outstanding talents to join the company, and provide employees with good career development opportunities and training programs. We believe that a good team is the key to the success of the company, only with a high-quality team, we can continue to innovate and better serve customers.

The successful holding of RZX Technology's 2023 annual Summary meeting and 2024 Target Plan meeting marks the company's new development stage. We will be more full of enthusiasm and firm determination to provide customers with better products and services, for the company's long-term development into new impetus. In the New Year, a new journey and a new dream, I wish RZX Technology can ride the waves and create new glory in 2024!