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Digitally Printed Portrait Cards
Digitally Printed Portrait Cards

RZX Technology digital printing portrait card undertakes personalized customization in large and small batches, and can produce variable data campus portrait cards and employee ID cards, etc., package design, only need to provide portrait pictures and corresponding data can be produced, with chip portrait cards need Provide detailed chip models, which can be packaged according to needs; in daily printing, the more common printing methods are silk screen printing, offset printing and digital printing; offset printing requires plate making, has quantitative requirements, suitable for mass printing, and the cost is low; digital printing can be printed Different personalized content can be printed one by one and made on demand, but the cost is higher; silk screen printing mainly assists offset printing and digital printing to make personalized customization processes, such as gold and silver base, glitter, signature strips, etc. The emergence of digital printing has solved many problems in the market. Every company wants to keep storage and shipping costs to a minimum, and digital printing technology ensures that reprints are the same as the original. The areas it serves are print-on-demand, personalization and variable data entry printing. Digital printing can directly print computer files on paper, which is a new printing method that is different from the cumbersome process of traditional printing. Its characteristics: one-piece printing, no plate making, instant error correction, variable printing, and on-demand printing.

RZX Technology Portrait Card Data Specification:
In the production process of the portrait card (the portrait and name are changing data), in order to quickly use the database technology to process the portrait data, the customer should pay attention to preparing and providing photos and data files according to the following specifications:
A. The variable data should be made into a database in the form of an excel table. The fields should correspond to the variable data in the file, and the photo column with photos should correspond to the photo names. If there is a problem of non-correspondence, the actual products will not correspond.
B. The photo format is jpg format, other formats need to be converted to jpg, and the photo file size should not be larger than 1M.
CPU chip digital printing portrait card parameters introduction:
Card reading method: Inductive
Recommended chip model: FM1208-09 (pure 8K memory), FM1208-10 (7+1K compatible with M1)
Chip type: Fudan 1208 CPU card
Storage capacity: 8K byte,
Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz
Communication rate: 106KBoud
Read and write distance: 2.5~10cm
Read and write time: 1~2ms
Working temperature: -20℃~55℃
Erase and write life: >100,000 times
Data retention: >10 years
Dimensions: ISO standard card 85.5x54x0.9
Packaging material: PVC, PET, ABS, 0.13mm copper wire
Packaging process: ultrasonic automatic wire planting/automatic butt welding
Executive standard: ISO14443A
Portrait card picture display:
Portrait card picture
Portrait card picture
Portrait card picture
Portrait card picture