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RFID book file management tags
RFID book file management tags

RZX technology RFID book archive management tags are suitable for library and archive file management, anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, self-service loan and return management, etc., which can meet the needs of high frequency, ultra-high frequency middle and long distance identification management and protect the rights and interests of brand books. RFID book file management tag is a non-contact automatic identification tag, which can identify and obtain relevant information through wireless data. Pasting it on the book archives can effectively solve the problems of anti-counterfeiting, traceability supervision, borrowing and returning, quick inventory, search, and disorderly book sorting of library staff's book archives.

RFID books and archives management label in line with ISO 15693/ISO 1800-6C/EPC Class1 Gen2 protocol, RFID high frequency library label wet inlay, white label, color label and other appearance in the market has been more common, the common size is 50X50mm,80X50mm, 80x50mm, etc. The chip can be selected as original or domestic chip, and can be selected according to the actual budget.

Common sizes of RFID UHF book archive tags are: X5mm 124 x7mm, 124, 105 x6mm, 98 x6mm, 100 x6mm, read from far, can be more tag group of uhf read archives management, in recent years have been widely used in file management class to find books, a variety of optional size, can be double-sided gum, easy to use (original, domestic custom file labels can be in accordance with the requirements for chip); New and old customers who have not used domestic UHF chips can contact business personnel to send samples for free testing. In addition to the conventional UHF file management label, RZX RFID file flashing label can send instructions to light the LED light on the label to achieve fast search function, can be a single label flashing search, can also be multiple labels at the same time to light the search, can achieve fast search of remote book archives, the finished product program is mature, product appearance is scalable. Electronic tags that can light up and find objects, so that your management wins at the starting line.

RFID book archives management label selection recommendation:

1, RFID high frequency book file label
Compliance with protocol: ISO15693

Original chip optional:

I CODE SLIX, memory: 896bit
I CODE SLIX2, memory: 2528bit

Domestic chip optional:

FM13HF01NTS, memory: 896bit
FM13HF02NTS, memory: 2528bit

High frequency book archive label product selling size: 50X50mm, 80X50mm

RZX Technology RFID high frequency book file tag Optional size:

Antenna diameter 22mm, wet Inlay: diameter 25mm
Antenna diameter 25mm, wet inlay: diameter 28mm
Antenna diameter 35mm, wet inlay: diameter 38mm
Antenna size: 15X15mm, wet inlay:18X18mm
Antenna size: 45X45mm, wet inlay:48X48mm
Antenna size: 45X45mm (RH13), wet Inlay: 48X48mm
Antenna size: 52X15mm, wet Inlay: 55X18mm
Antenna size: 76X45mm, wet inlay: 79X48mm
Antenna size: 76X45mm, wet inlay: 80X50mm
(Other sizes can be customized by telephone)

15693 protocol high frequency label technical parameters:

Operating frequency: 13.56MHZ

Working mode: readable and writable

Working mode: Passive reflection, short distance recognition

Read and write distance: 0-5cm, 0-10cm (read distance is related to the working environment and reader)

Chip life: write 100,000 times, data storage for 10 years

2, RFID UHF book archive label

Compliance standards: ISO/IEC 18000-6C, EPC Class1 Gen2

Original chip options: Alien H9, Impinj R6P, U CODE 9XE, U CODE 9 (other chips can be customized)

Domestic chip optional: FM13UF0051E

Read distance: 1-3m

Uhf book archive label product selling size: 124X5mm, 124X7mm, 105X6mm, 98X12mm(flashing label)

(Other size customization can consult the relevant business personnel)

Uhf book archive label technical parameters:

Applicable carrier frequency: 860 ~ 960MHz

Working mode: passive (readable and writable)

Working mode: Passive reflection, with high reading and writing sensitivity

Chip life: Write 100,000 times, data storage for 50 years

Chip anti-static (ESD) performance: 2000V, Human body model (HBM)

RFID book archive label anti-counterfeiting traceability, inventory, search and management has always been a headache, in the application of RFID archive management, RFID solves the problems of rapid inventory of archives, borrowing and returning management, rights management and so on. The application of UHF LED flashing light searching electronic tag solves the problem of "how to quickly find the desired file in the dense file?" The problem. By lighting the corresponding luminous label of the required file, the corresponding file can be quickly located at a glance. RFID book archive label selection can consult online customer service or telephone inquiry related business personnel.

RFID book Archive management label physical display:

Library label

Library label

rfid book tag

file tag

book file tag

book management